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Foundry chromite sand

ماسه کرومیتی ریخته گری رایمند

Foundry Chromite Sand

The quality of refractory materials used in the construction of molds and cores is very important in the

ماسه کرومیتی ریخته گری - گروه صنعتی رایمند - گروه بازرگانی رایمند
ماسه کرومیتی ریخته گری – گروه صنعتی رایمند – گروه بازرگانی رایمند

characteristics and properties of the final product. Foundry Chromite sand is one of the most important
and high-quality types of sand used in casting molds, which is used in casting steel and cast-iron parts.
Raimand’s chromite foundry sand can be used for the construction of casting molds and also, it’s widely
used for making casting cores.
Special properties of Chromite Foundry sand such as high refractoriness, fast heat exchange, resistance
against penetration of melt, and non-wettability cause high quality of parts produced using this sand,
including reducing casting defects, specially burn-on defect and increasing surface finish of parts, and
make it superior to silica, olivine and zirconia foundry sands. Foundry Chromite sand is chemically
neutral slightly basic (pH: 7-9) and this property prevents the reaction of mold walls with the melt.

Raimand Chromite Foundry Sand Advantages

  • Elimination of health problems caused by conventional silica foundry sand
  • Accurate and fixed size distribution according to customer’s request
  • Approved by reputable casting workshops
  • Elimination of burn-on defect
  • Low moisture absorption
  • High dimensional accuracy