Chromite ladle nozzle filler grades

ماسه مجرای پاتیل کرومیتی رایمند

Ladle Nozzle Filler Sand

The ladle nozzle filler sand is a mixture of refractory raw materials that are used to fill the nozzle and the slide gate block in the continuous casting ladles. The main focuse of all steelmakers in the world is to increase production rate and efficiency as much as possible. An important and effective parameter to reach this goal is the automatic opening rate of the ladle. The main goal is to achieve the highest rate of opening close to 100%. Free opening means that the melt flows out of the ladle automatically as soon as the sliding gate opens. Failure to provide this condition increases the likelihood an accident for the ladle operator and reduces production efficiency due to reduced casting speed. production downtime, and adverse effects on steel quality and chemical composition.

Effective parameters in the selection of due sand

  • Melt retention time in the ladle
  • Chemical composition of steel

    ماسه مجرا - رایمند - گروه صنعتی رایمند
    ماسه مجرا – رایمند – گروه صنعتی رایمند
  • Ladle capacity and size
  • Steel temperature
  • Nozzle diameter